North Cyprus

Thalassa Beach of North Cyprus

The Mediterranean’s Best Kept Secret

There is a magic about unspoilt Northern Cyprus which, once experienced, is never forgotten.  Known as “the Mediterranean’s best-kept secret”, many visitors fall in love with its unique ambience and return year after year to explore its rich and diverse history, unspoilt landscape, rich culture, relaxing pace of life and gorgeous island climate and very welcoming people.   Few other destinations offer the unique experience of Northern Cyprus.

In this charming former British Colony, Europeans and those from the Middle East all feel equally at home.  Luxury property is extremely affordable in comparison to other similar destinations, English is widely spoken and the crime rate is extremely low.  Overseas visitors can benefit from the new world-class private medical care and brand-new high-quality golf course, marinas and other leisure facilities. 

How to get to Northern Cyprus

Cyprus is now an important international hub with easy connections to all over Europe and the Middle East from the north and south of the island.  Larnaca and Ercan International Airports offer scheduled flights from all over the world with budget airlines and high-quality airlines such as Turkish Airlines, Emirates and British Airways offering regular flights.  If you decide to land at Larnaca in the south of the island, it’s just a short taxi ride over the border to the north of the island.  There are also car and passenger ferries from mainland Turkey to Kyrenia, largely in the summer months.

A standard 90-day visitor visa is issued to almost all nationalities upon arrival. 

Where to visit in North Cyprus

Whenever and wherever you visit, you will be charmed by the stunning mountain scenery, local culture and unspoilt landscape.   

Kyrenia Castle - North Cyprus
Kyrenia Castle & Harbour

Most visitors gravitate initially to the Kyrenia area on the North Coast.  

Kyrenia with its luxury and boutique hotels, an ancient castle, quality restaurants and the glittering harbour is known as “the jewel of the Mediterranean” and is a must-see on your first visit.   Kyrenia is set on the coast with the impressive Five Finger mountains rising behind, capped with the famous St. Hilarion Castle above. Nearby Bellapais, made famous by Lawrence Durrell’s “Bitter Lemons of Cyprus”, boasts an enchanting Abbey which has become an important cultural and music centre for the area, with the brand-new English school of Kyrenia nearby.

Bellapais Abbey - North Cyprus
Bellapais Abbey

The Kyrenia villages of Ozankoy and Catalkoy heading east out of the city have become the favourite locations for many overseas visitors who seek to make their home near to Kyrenia.    There are no beaches in Kyrenia itself, although the nearby Escape Beach club to its west and the Alagadi Turtle Beach going east, are the nearest sandy beaches to the city.  

Korineum Golf Course - North Cyprus
Korineum Golf Course

The North Coast is not known for its beaches, but heading east past the Korineum golf course to areas such as Esentepe and Bahceli, offers charming swimming bays, coves and unspoilt hillside locations at the foothills of the Five Finger mountains, affording lovely elevated views of the Mediterranean. 

Karpaz Gate Marina - North Cyprus
Karpaz Gate Marina

Further east still, is the unspoilt Karpaz Peninsula with its miles of sandy beaches and charming eco-tourism areas.  Another mountain top castle, Kantara, is an attraction in this area, as well as the brand-new Karpaz Gate Marina with yachts arriving regularly from Turkey and other Mediterranean resorts.

The East Coast, north of Famagusta, is known for its excellent sandy beaches.  Bafra, at the gateway to the Karpaz, offers luxury five-star hotels and beachfront resorts.  Further south, the charming Bogaz harbour is worth a visit with high-quality holiday locations nearby.   History lovers visit the East Coast to explore the ancient Roman city and ruins of Salamis.  Many then head south to the city of Famagusta with its Venetian walled city and thriving modern shops and restaurants.

Salamis - Famagusta - North Cyprus

The capital city of Nicosia is a border city and brimming with history and charm as well as many new Universities and hospitals.  As it is in the centre of the island, it does not tend to attract as many luxury property investors or holidaymakers, although is fabulous for day trips and shopping.

Lefkosa Buyuk Han - North Cyprus
Lefkosa Buyuk Han

North Cyprus for Vacation

Whether you enjoy golf, yachting, just relaxing on a golden beach or exploring the charming cities, North Cyprus is the perfect place for vacations of all types.  All four seasons in Cyprus have a beauty of their own, although the most popular periods are April until November.   

Kyrenia Harbour - North Cyprus
Kyrenia Harbour

When to visit North Cyprus

In early spring, many visitors come to play golf or walk in the countryside to see Cyprus at its most green.   Nature lovers come especially to see rare wildflowers and birds.   Orchids and the other local flora and fauna celebrated in some of the village spring festivals.  It is also the perfect weather to explore the many ancient ruins and sites. 

In late spring, music lovers enjoy the high-quality, International Bellapais Classical Music festival set in the scenic Bellapais Abbey Hall. 

In early summer the local oranges and strawberries can be picked and enjoyed with the markets brimming with local produce.  As the hot Cyprus summer reaches its peak in July and August, the hotter weather sends people to the beaches or to laze by the pool and lap up the sun.  Diving, surfing and water sports, as well as boat trips along the coast, are enjoyed all summer long. 

The autumn sees the sun cooling, but the sea can stay warm until November or even December.   During Autumn the harvesting of the olives, nuts and dates are in turn celebrated in colourful local festivals.  Winter in North Cyprus sees distant snow on the tops of the Troodos and in February and March you can ski or snowboard in the morning and then, after only an hour’s drive down the mountains, you can sunbathe by the sea in the afternoon.

Bellapais Abbey Side - North Cyprus
Bellapais Abbey

North Cyprus for Retirement

“We only came here for a week’s holiday 10 years ago…”

Most visitors find it very easy to imagine living full time in North Cyprus.  There are now over 10,000 British, European, Middle Eastern and other international ex-pat residents living happily alongside the approximately 300,000 resident Turkish-speaking population. 

One reason many choose to relocate is the fabulous Mediterranean weather – out of 365 days in a year, you can expect sunshine on around 340 of them.  The Cyprus Mediterranean climate verges on the semi-tropical and is generally at least 10 degrees hotter than UK/northern Europe, and 10 degrees cooler than the Gulf, on any given day of the year. 

North Cyprus Leisure Activities

The new 18 hole Korineum Golf & Beach Resort boasts an impeccably maintained 18 hole golf course with stunning mountain and sea views, often preferred to the courses in the South of Cyprus (including the well-known Aphrodite Hills course) due to its more challenging design. 

There are three marinas:  the traditional Kyrenia harbour, new Delta Marina at the New Kyrenia Harbour and the brand new Karpaz Gate Marina on the Karpaz Peninsula.  There are also many diving and water sports clubs as well as paragliding and many other leisure activities.

Kyrenia View From St Hilarion Castle

Arranging your visit

If you need any assistance with planning an independent holiday or would like to discuss a Platinum Property Inspection Trip for North Cyprus do contact our professional team or email us on .

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