North Cyprus

Thalassa Beach of North Cyprus

North Cyprus

The Mediterranean’s Best Kept Secret There is a magic about unspoilt Northern Cyprus which, once experienced, is never forgotten.  Known as “the Mediterranean’s best-kept secret”, many visitors fall in love with its unique ambience and return year after year to explore its rich and diverse history, unspoilt landscape, rich culture, relaxing pace of life and...

Lovely Kyrenia Harbour Picture


The Origin of Kyrenia (Girne) Kyrenia (Girne) has been host to a huge variety of civilisations over more than two thousand years, although the first human habitation in Cyprus as a whole can be traced back at least 10,000 years with artefacts of that age having been discovered in Akrotiri in the south of the island. The Oldest Shipwreck - Kyrenia Castle Museum Kyrenia with its...

Why North Cyprus?

More and more elite investors are waking up to the fact that North Cyprus has now come of age as an exclusive, truly 21st Century luxury property destination with a new generation of superior quality, designer villas and apartments perfect for the high-end buyer. North Cyprus – The Mediterranean’s Best Kept Secret Gemikonagi Pier Uncrowded North Cyprus now also offers the ideal...

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